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The AkoVerse Journey


Neon Matrix


Mars Exploration



Twelve Worlds
120 Problem Solving Challenges




Space Station


Deep Ocean Mars

Escape Rooms For Problem Solving. Score points and in-game currency


7 Challenges Per World


120+ Total Challenges

Mars Challenge

Find hidden secret challenges


3 Secret Challenges Per World


Switch to Text


Block or Text Coding

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Navigating the AkoVerse with P.A.I.G.E Assistant

PAIGE is your personlised learning assistant, ask her anything about coding. She can even help you debug your code.

Paige Ideas
Paige Ideas

PAIGE helps you understand coding and what you can use it for in other areas

PAIGE can debug & explain text coding in age appropriate form.

PAIGE helps you understand coding and what you can use it for in other areas

Transferable Skills

  1. Logical & Conditional Thinking
  2. Problem Solving Through Computational Thinking
  3. Critical Thinking
  4. Critical Algorithmic Thinking - Critiquing Algorithms bias & risk
  5. AI Prompt Engineering

Computer Science Skills

  1. Algorithms & Problem Solving
  2. Decomposition & Debugging
  3. Sequencing
  4. Loops
  5. Conditional Logic
  6. Binary & Data Storage
Neon 1 Neon 1

Parent Features

  • Monitor Your Child's Progress
  • Mapped to NZXDT PO1-PO4.5 (Yrs 1-10)
  • Self Guided & Self Marked
  • Gamified Learning
  • PAIGE AI Assistant - Answers any coding questions
  • Parent Reporting
Student Record

Virtual Tuition

Learn 21st Century Literacy At Home Right Now!

1 on 1 or 1 to 6 private instruction learning for ages 7 - 17. Learn to build games, make website and mobile apps. We teach Coding, problem solving collaboration, critical & computational thinking, creativity, planning & design skills & resilience just to name a few.

Our sessions are 1 hour long with 1 instructor per group or individual. Each student will progress through our levels which have been mapped to the Digital Technology Curriculum

Our instructors are trained in various areas such as:

  • Scratch/Tynker
  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Mobile App Development
  • Transferrable Skills
Meta21 Mars Secret


Self Guided Private Tuition Private Tuition
$40 per month
$150 per annum
$249 per month $399 per month
Akoverse Courses
60 Minute Session - 1 session per week 2 session per week
Student/Instructor Ratio -
Immediate Support Feedback -
Support for Difficult Concepts -
Monthly Progress Reports -
Bonus Rewards -

AkoVerseBeta 1.0

Join PAIGE & Steve on their journey across the AkoVerse

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