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PNINS Term 1 After School - 14th February -10th April

Cost: $256.50

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Come along to our classes at PNINS School. AkoTech allows boys & girls to develop 21st century skills in a fun and action packed & agile environment.

We help develop confidence & initiative through design, creativity, solving problems & collaboration. Students get to create projects in a pretend tech company environment, where they create games, websites etc

"AkoVerse After-School Program: 9 Weeks to Creative Brilliance"

"Embark on a 9 week journey where students explore AkoVerse's 3D gamified universe and dive into Design, Art, Storytelling, Sports, Fashion, Python, Web Design, or Javascript. Then, team up with tech gaming studios to craft game and app prototypes for big-budget clients, presenting your innovations in just 9 weeks."


Depending on your child's level of experience and time at our CodeCamps, students learn the following technical skills whether it be visual or text coding in order of priority, starting with problem solving, debugging, decomposition, algorithms, loops, variables, conditional logic, operators and functions.

Our programs teach the all important soft skills such as team work, design & planning, communication, time management, Agile project management, critical thinking, presenting, conflict resolution.

Date: Every Wednesday 14th February -10th April

Time: 3.30-5pm'

Venue Address: PNINS, 56 Linton St, Palmerston North.

Room: 27

SUPER IMPORTANT: Students must have access to an email account at all times. You will need a Google Account for Gmail. If you are under the age of 13 we suggest setting up a family account, you can allow your children access to this account while on camp and then you may change the password after if you wish.

Please don't forget your Username & Password for Gmail. Students can use their School Gmail accounts but must be able to access the emails.

Please make sure to write down your login details if you have existing accounts with Scratch, Tynker, Gmail etc. and put them somewhere safe and bring them with you.

Important Notice

Please remember to bring your laptop. You don't need anything special or high spec, just something less than 5 years old with internet access. iPads and tablets can be used, but we do suggest a laptop as best.

And lastly...

Don’t forget your imagination and creativity!

For other questions, please check our FAQs at the bottom of the page here https://akotech.nz/OurPrograms. or feel free to email us at admin@akotech.nz. Parents are most welcome to drop in 15-20 minutes before the end of each day to see the awesome things we are getting up to!


Awesome thank you guys. They loved it, much more than any of the computer courses they have been to.
Maddi messaged me today ‘love it, can we go back next holidays’
Thank you, obviously you are doing great things with the kids. We will be back!"


"Thanks so much for all your hard work. Flynn really enjoyed his day with you today. I haven’t seen him so happy and engaged in a long time!
He can’t wait to come back and is keen to continue for the whole week."

Lucy B.

"the girls are loving it thanks Peter!!!
Let me know what after school options you have for term 4!"

Maire B.

"A great week had by the girls – they are keen on the next one already!"

Mark A.